Welcome Everyone

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Welcome Everyone

Postby HondaMSX » Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:26 am

Just a quick post to say welcome to our new visitors & members.

Remember, you don't need to own one of these bikes to be a part of this site. If you have an interest, that's good enough for us. Let's try and make this site a friendly and informative place to be.

If you've just registered and are waiting to be activated, don't panic, your activation will go through in the next couple of hours. Once activated, why not introduce yourself in the 'Say Hello' section? Please don't put too many personal details e.g. Street name, where you leave your bike etc. We don't want this site to become an online Yellow Pages for the bike thief.

Lastly, as this is a new forum, there will be some changes happening to the look and feel of the site. These will be done with the minimum of downtime so you don't get inconvenienced. Anything that is planned will be posted in the 'Website Help & News' section.

That's about it. Have fun and get posting :)
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